About Curt and Frank

Curt and Frank is a weekly collection of articles chosen by Michael Prieve, the founder of Socialite Life and former Editor-in-Chief of Celebuzz. I currently run MJPrieve Consulting and work for a small financial services firm.

I have always been a news junkie and pop culture lover, and I in the last couple of years, I have grown to love a number of newsletters such as NextDraft, Austin Kleon, The Wirecutter, theSkimm and Vox Sentences.

When I originally launched the Curt and Frank newsletter, it was a mashup of content ranging from politics to pop culture to Trump world to celebrity news. I quickly found that the newsletter was a bit all over the place. So I to ditch the pop culture and celebrity content (and launch a bi-weekly Socialite Life newsletter) and let the Curt and Frank newsletter focus on news, politics, #SadTrump and social injustice.

No boring stuff and no bullshit.

Michael currently lives in Chicago with his husband and two dogs, Shabba and Kobie. Enjoy some cuteness:



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