About Curt and Frank

Curt and Frank is a weekly collection of articles chosen by Michael Prieve, the founder of the late and great Socialite Life and former Editor-in-Chief of Celebuzz. I currently run MJPrieve Consulting and work for a small financial services firm.

I have always been a news junkie and pop culture lover, and I in the last couple of years, I have grown to love a number of newsletters such as NextDraft, Austin Kleon, The Wirecutter, theSkimm and Vox Sentences.

So I thought why not combine what I did with SocialiteLife.com over the years along with what I’ve been doing with the Hashtag Sad Trump Facebook page and smash them together. The resulting product is the new Curt and Frank weekly newsletter! Socialite Life’s own Miu von Furstenberg will be contributing with some of the pop culture content and I’ll be curating everything else.

No boring stuff and no bullshit.

Michael currently lives in Chicago with his husband and two dogs, Shabba and Kobie. Enjoy some cuteness:



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